Our story

Once a Syrian ancient city combining the civilizations of the world fragmented history, called the white Aleppo.
A Group of Friends used to gather enjoying the endless meals, and listening to oriental music; this group started to increase by time till we reached our second hometown Egypt, creating one big family.
Here we are now celebrating with you our mouthwatering special flavors of love from Aleppo; together we merge the past with the present and full of ambition to always locate everywhere in the near future soon.
“Dar Ward Is Your Home”



From Aleppo

For Aleppo admires who craves our cousin.
We’re not just an Arabic domestic cousin. We managed to combine between the
Syrian, Turkish and Lebanese cousins in one genuine taste.
That’s not just it. We get very selected oriental bands twice a week so we
can give you an astonishing, oriental experience.
We also have both areas
indoors and out doors to satisfy all tastes.

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Our spirit